Friday, April 30, 2010

Metallica vector art wallpaper

Couldn't find a good Metallica wallpaper so I went and made one using Inkscape and Gimp, and the And Justice For All cover.


Will provide other sizes upon request. I also made a version without the gradient although it doesn't look as cool so I'm not going to post it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boost + Graphviz

BGL is a template library which (I think) means that everything is just a bunch of header files. The Graphviz stuff apparently needs to be compiled though, and while I installed all of the Boost stuff through my package manager (Fedora 12) apparently I did not get this Boost/Graphviz stuff.

Here are the steps I went to build, which can be linked to in order to run the graphviz examples. This is probably all documented somewhere but I could not find very clear instructions anywhere. Also it's worth noting that if you build a dynamic library you will probably have to distribute it with your application as you can't rely on it being in the Boost distribution (because it's not)!

1) Download boost-1.4 source.

2) Go to boost/libs/graph/src.

3) g++ -c *.cpp -I../../../ -Wno-deprecated -fPIC

4) g++ -shared -o *.o

5) Next steps are optional if you do not want to install system-wide.

6) sudo chown root:root

7) sudo mv /usr/lib/

8) Try building some of the examples, you will need to link with boost_graph, libbgl-viz, and boost_regex. If you get any errors try playing with the order.

9) Go party!